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Burned by Your Event Attendance?

September 02, 20231 min read

8 Reasons

Burned by Your Event Attendance?

Want to increase your lead generation 2X, 5X or even 10X? Then start using online and in person events to increase your leads! Did you know that using event-based lead generation can increase your prospective contacts by a whopping 500%!?

Do you know how to maximize tools like Eventbrite to crush your lead generation?

5 Keys to a Successful Lead Generation Event

#1: Attract the right attendees – What is your customer avatar that best represents your event attendees?

#2: Offer valuable, relevant content – What is the WHY of your event? Think about the reasons your prospects want to attend your event and be sure to channel this into your marketing messaging.

#3: Simplify your registration process – Gets what’s needed and go. Get additional information at the event. Set timely, useful reminders for attendance.

#4: Set benchmarks for success - in-person Events aren’t the cheapest lead generation option, but tools like Eventbrite have powerful search optimization. So when budgets get tight, set up benchmarks, keywords searching and goals that will help justify this cost and produce the right leads at your events and sales pipeline.

#5: Develop your follow-up strategy before the event – The end in mind is key. A solid post-event plan to nurture your event leads is a critical step in your lead gen strategy. Don’t just wing it!


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