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The Life & Leadership Coaching Certification Program that Exceeds All Others

Why Ignite Leadership 360 is the Right Choice for You

Life Coaching Certification

​ Want to become a Life Coach but don't know where to start?

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Life Coaching Certification Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Beyond

Everyone deserves fulfillment. With a Life & Leadership Coaching Certification from Ignite Leadership 360, you'll learn everything you need to find your own path and help others on their journey. At Ignite Leadership 360, we understand how important it is to find the right certification program. This is why we created one of the most comprehensive courses you'll find anywhere. Our program has the answers to all your questions and gives you the tools to build your self-confidence and grow a successful coaching business or expand your current one.

The Life & Leadership Coaching Certification Program that Exceeds All Others

Your journey begins with our 2 and 1/2-day immersion workshop, Ignite Your Inner Leader that is designed to shine a light on your own self-awareness and how that relates to your daily relationships. We delve deep into your WHY, helping you uncover the core motivations that drive your actions. We also identify and address your limiting beliefs and tackle your fears and insecurities so that you can step into your personal power. Then we dive into over 100+ hours of immersion learning the Ignite Leadership 360 coaching skillset.

About Ignite

Ignite Leadership 360 is the top coaching and leadership certification company across Delaware, the Mid-Atlantic and the United States. Not only do we offer state of the art coaching strategies, we deliver dynamic leadership coaching and empowerment seminars. There is a reason why Attorneys, Yoga Instructors, Doctors, Healers and Licensed Therapists come to us for Executive Coaching or Life & Leadership Coaching Certification to incorporate coaching into their current practices. Based on our coaches 30+ years of combined coaching and executive leadership experience, we shine a light on your own self-awareness and how that relates to your daily relationships. We dig into your WHY. We find your limiting beliefs. We address your fears and insecurities. Then we develop a plan to get the life you desire.

What Participants say

“Ignite your Inner Leader was a life changing experience. The coaches were all knowledgeable and genuinely cared about the process. The material was presented in a such a way that it was relatable yet fun. The activities brought me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to see I do have the necessary skills to be a leader! Thank you for this amazing opportunity!”

Jen Steele

Author & Business Owner

"If you’re looking for a life coach certification program, this is the best that I’ve seen. I’m sure you could go through Tony Robbins or someone like that but you’d have to pay thousands and thousands of dollars. I recommend this program to anyone that’s thinking about coaching. You’ll definitely feel ready to take on clients by the time you’re done.”

Lynette Keenum

Coach, Reiki and Yoga Instructor

“Kiera really gives you the meat and potatoes of what you need to know. She gives you real-life applications for everything and there’s no fluff. This is what you need, this is how you use it, now, let’s try it.”

Kimberly Keane

Coach & Business Owner

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About Ignite Your Inner Leader

What You Will Experience!

  • Self-Discovery: Gain clarity on your values, strengths, and growth areas, becoming a more authentic and effective leader through self-awareness.

  • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs: Break free from self-imposed barriers by identifying and challenging limiting beliefs, unlocking your full potential.

  • Behavior and Identity: Explore foundational life coaching concepts, align your actions with your true self, and make intentional choices.

  • Mock Coaching Sessions: Practice coaching techniques and receive real-time feedback from experienced Ignite trainers in our unique mock coaching sessions, developing valuable coaching skills.

  • Meaningful Transformation: Leave with a deeper self-understanding, newfound confidence, and practical leadership skills to apply in your personal and professional life, making this a lasting, transformative experience.

Why Ignite Leadership 360 is the Right Choice for You

  • Holistic Learning Approach: Our curriculum goes beyond academics, focusing on holistic growth by integrating coaching skills with an understanding of psychology, emotional intelligence, and communication. We aim to create empathetic, insightful, and transformative coaches.

  • Personalized Learning Path: We offer a tailored program that meets you at your level, whether you're a beginner or looking to enhance existing skills. Our approach aligns with your personal and professional aspirations for maximum impact.

  • Supportive Tribe: Join our vibrant community of coaches, mentors, and peers for collaboration and shared learning. This network provides ongoing support and professional development opportunities beyond the course.

  • Practical Experience: Our program emphasizes hands-on coaching, case studies, and simulations to prepare you for real-world application, ensuring your skills are not just theoretical.

  • Business Skills Training: We provide comprehensive training in business and entrepreneurial skills, covering everything from marketing to client management, essential for building and growing a successful coaching practice.

Your Path to Becoming a Transformative Life & Leadership Coach

Learning the Coaching Skillset

At Ignite Leadership 360, we believe in a life and leadership coaching certification that's not just a learning experience, but a journey of personal and professional transformation. Our program is designed with key elements that set us apart and above in the world of life and leadership coaching education.

How We Do It

  • Empowering: Small group coaching, so you're never just a number. We're real people, here to walk with you through the process. We're not just teachers or trainers. We're coaches, helping you overcome the fears and insecurities that are blocking you from stepping into your personal power.

  • Interactive: Live or virtual, you won't find any pre-recorded videos or one-way presentations where you can't ask questions. Your Coach is available to support you through your Certification journey.

  • Comprehensive: You'd be hard-pressed to find a Life & Leadership Coaching Certification program that's as robust as ours. With more than 100 hours of training we've got you covered from learning the skills and methodologies needed to be a Life & leadership Coach, to practicing on actual clients in a safe space, through to building a thriving business.

Our 7 Stage Framework of the Coaching Skillset

  • Step One - Discovery & Investigation: Understanding Their World

  • Step Two - The Power of Possibility: Create the Space

  • Step Three - Urgency: Discovering Leverage Points

  • Step Four - Transformation: Destroy Limiting Patterns

  • Step Five - Creation: New Empowering Patterns

  • Step Six - Integration: Conditioning to Our Identify

  • Step Seven - Lasting Change: Building an Empowering Environment

Frequency Asked Questions

Do I need a Life & Leadership Coaching Certification?

​The Life & Leadership Coaching industry has no governing body regulating certifications, so technically speaking, you don't "need" one. With that said, it is highly recommended that you enroll in a certification course that will provide you with the fundamentals of coaching. At Ignite Leadership 360, we also teach you how to open and run a small business, so that you can use your new skills to help others, while also supporting you and your family. 

What is the core methodology of your Life & Leadership Coaching Certification program?

Here at Ignite Leadership 360, we teach that helping others is based in knowing how to swiftly identify the patterns that are holding them back. The life & leadership coaching skillset you'll learn is built on a foundation of the mechanics of human behavior. Learning to recognize the reason behind how you act is like unlocking your very own personal operating manual. 

Is the Life & Leadership Coaching Certification program all online?

You can complete the entire program virtually, however we highly encourage students to come to as many live events as they can. 

What is the time commitment needed to complete the program?

You will need to devote between 100-125 hours of immersion learning the Ignite Leadership 360 coaching skillset in order to complete the training in the time frame you choose based on the program (6 or 12 months).

I want to learn a specific style of Life & Leadership Coaching. Do you offer training for specific niches?

Our core Life & Leadership Coaching Certification is more broadly based, however we do offer additional trainings in the following niches:

Emotional Intelligence

Trauma/PTSD Healing from Abuse

Firewalk Instructor Training

Work/Life Integration and Transition

Health and Wellness Coaching

Financial Abundance

Goal Attainment

Is the Life & Leadership Coaching Certification program only for people who want to make coaching their career?

No. Many people go through our program for their own personal development. We also have many people participating in order to complement their existing career. The program is perfect for energy healers, personal trainers, salespeople, managers, and CEOs. 

How do I find a job as a Life & Leadership Coach?

​We offer two options for graduating students at Ignite Leadership 360. You can take the entrepreneurial route and start your own business, or you can join our team as an Ignite Leadership 360 Partner Coach. In either case, we are here to support and mentor you every step of the way. 

What is the cost of the Ignite Leadership 360 Life & Leadership Coaching Certification program?

The investment ranges depending on the program that you choose. We offer a 10% discount if paid in full, otherwise we offer many different payment plans without interest.

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