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Fear IS a Liar

August 02, 20233 min read

8 Reasons

Overcoming Performance Anxiety

Do you have dreams and goals that you've been putting off because of fear? Fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of what others might think, or even the fear of success? If so, you're not alone. Many people are held back by fear - some paralyzed by it. It doesn't have to control your life. Throughout this post we'll discuss how to overcome fear and pursue what matters to you by making small degrees of change in 5 categories: #G.rowth, #O.pportunity, #A.ction, #L.eadership, and #S.uccess.

We'll also introduce you to this crazy thing called Firewalking – a powerful experiential that can help you face your fears head-on and dominate them. So don't let fear keep you from achieving your dreams – start taking steps today to overcome it!

Fear pretends to be keeping us safe, but Fear IS a Liar. The fear of the unknown is always there, and it can be harnessed to help you achieve your goals. By pushing yourself away from what's comfortable and towards uncertainty, we free ourselves up for new opportunities in life that may have otherwise been shelved by our own limiting beliefs about ourselves.
We all have moments when we feel like giving up. It’s those little voices in our head that make us want to avoid what seems too hard, or impossible for one person alone - but don't let them get you down!

The truth is fear can be used as a powerful force driving towards success just like anything else depending on how they're handled. There’s one grounding idea to remember: “If I'm not afraid then there's no reason why my dreams shouldn't come true because nothing will stop me from achieving them besides myself”. And then you realize the only thing standing between YOU and YOUR DREAMS is YOU.

When you’re feeling stuck, use our foundations of change to reset and cross and overcome life’s difficulties and Ignite the light that will set your GOALS on fire.

5 Degrees 2 Change:

rowth – What is the best version of you that you can imagine?
O.pportunity – What has to happen for you to achieve this best version?
A.ction – What consistent small incremental steps must to take to achieve this breakthrough?
L.eadership – How can you inspire yourself to follow the path to find this best you?
S.uccess – What do you define success as? Is it the arrival or a continuous journey of growth?

Need help crushing your limiting beliefs? Join us for the areas #1 goal crushing experiential – Ignition the Firewalk at Ignite Firewalk Empowerment. Experience what Attorneys, Yoga Instructors, Doctors, Business Owners, Healers, Politicians, Licensed Therapists, and CEO’s have all experienced at our Firewalk events.

What is Firewalking? Firewalking is just what it sounds like – walking on and over hot coals! Firewalkers walk barefoot across a bed of burning embers that are approximately 1200 degrees without getting burned. How is this possible? Well becoming a Master Firewalking instructor in my journey over the last 5 years, I’ve learned that Firewalking is all about the power of your mind. When you focus on your intention and believe that you can do it, you create a powerful field of energy around you that protects makes you believe you can do anything – Even walking across the hot coals like a badass Firewalker.

So the next time fear rears its ugly head, recognize it for what it is...a liar, that wants to keep you from living a full and meaningful life. But don’t be fooled – you have the power to break free and live your best life. Join us to take back your power and cross the coals. Are you ready to leave the fear behind? What will you walk for?

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