Ignite Inner Your Leader

Empower Your Best Self with Ignite Your Inner Leader Weekend

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Ignite Inner Your Leader

Empower Your Best Self with Ignite Your Inner Leader Weekend

Life | Leadership | Business

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When you look at any successful leader, what do you see? Confidence. Competence. Charisma. They're engaged in all aspects of their work and life, communicating and inspiring others as they lead by example. These are skills and traits anyone can possess. At Ignite Your Inner Leader, we are here to show you how to best leverage them!

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📍Location: 108 Patriot Dr Ste A, Middletown

📅 Date: March 1st - 3rd 2024

About Ignite Your Inner Leader Weekend

Our 2 and 1/2-day immersion workshop is designed to shine a light on your own self-awareness and how that relates to your relationships and the ability to influence others. We delve deep into your WHY, helping you uncover the core motivations that drive your actions. We also identify and address your limiting beliefs and tackle your fears and insecurities so that you can step into your personal power.

  • Self-Discovery: Gain clarity on your values, strengths, and growth areas, becoming a more authentic and effective leader through self-awareness.

  • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs: Break free from self-imposed barriers by identifying and challenging limiting beliefs, unlocking your full potential.

  • Behavior and Identity: Explore foundational life coaching concepts, align your actions with your true self, and make intentional choices.

  • Mock Coaching Sessions: Practice coaching techniques and receive real-time feedback from experienced Ignite trainers in our unique mock coaching sessions, developing valuable insight and skills.

  • Meaningful Transformation: Leave with a deeper self-understanding, newfound confidence, and practical leadership skills to apply in your personal and professional life, making this a lasting, transformative experience.

Ready to Ignite Your Inner Leader?

Ignite Your Inner Leader Weekend is more than just a workshop; it's a journey toward becoming the leader you've always aspired to be. Join us and unlock your inner potential, so you can lead with confidence, competence, and charisma. Your path to life & leadership excellence starts here.

Are you ready to ignite your inner leader? Join us for a life-changing weekend that will empower you! Don't wait—reserve your spot today and embark on your journey of self-discovery and growth.

What Participants Say

“Ignite your Inner Leader was a life changing experience. The coaches were all knowledgeable and genuinely cared about the process. The material was presented in a such a way that it was relatable yet fun. The activities brought me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to see I do have the necessary skills to be a leader! I cannot wait to continue the certification process and learn more from this incredible group of coaches. Thank you for this amazing opportunity!”


Jen Steele

Google Review

"I attended Ignite Your Inner Leader seminar this weekend. It’s a great seminar to get in touch with patterns we run, busting those patterns by changing mindset and language. Ultimately to enhance our lives, to get unstuck from unserving behaviors and to give momentum to move forward and get things done that you want to do. Kiera is a great Coach, Trainer and Leader."


Anne Wise

Google Review

Let's Talk about Inner Leader

2024 is Here! How will you Ignite Your Growth?

Act quickly! With limited complimentary coaching sessions available, this exclusive opportunity won't last long. Reserve your place today to ignite your growth.

What does Ignite offer?

Ignite Leadership 360 programs focus on personal growth, leadership development and coaching. These programs are designed to enhance leadership skills, improve team dynamics, and foster personal and professional growth. Participants in such programs can expect to experience:

  • Life Coaching: Breaking Through the Barriers of Limiting Beliefs with Personalized Coaching, Empowering Strategies & Accountability.

  • Business Coaching: Empowering Leaders to Transform Vision into Reality with Expert Guidance and Proven Strategies.

  • Wellness Coaching: Nurturing Mind, Body, and Spirit for Holistic Personal Growth and Transformation.

  • Leadership Development: Cultivating Dynamic Leaders for Tomorrow's Challenges with Innovative, Tailored Strategies.

  • Coaching Certification: Master Transformative Skills to Inspire and Guide Others Effectively as a Certified Professional Coach.

  • Seminars & Workshops: Creating an Inspiring Experience for Unparalleled Personal Development and Growth.

Your Journey Begins with a FREE 60 Minute Life & Business Coaching Session!

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