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Welcome to the Ignition the Firewalk Podcast where your hosts Mike Womer, Kiera Smale and Joe "Woo" Rychalsky deliver their insight and thoughts to help you crush your limiting beliefs, overcome challenges and excel in anything you want to accomplish. Hear how they have helped 1,000’s of individuals and companies across the country through the Firewalk experience.

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Ignition the Firewalk Podcast Episode 2 - Team Building & Goal Setting

August 01, 20231 min read

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Ignition the Firewalk Podcast Episode 2

The Power of Team Building

The team talks about the power of team building corporate Firewalk's and how to Ignite Your Community through a partnership through the Ignite Firewalk Foundation.  See the benefits to your organization for a corporate event with us with our foundational approach:

Growth – What is the best version of you that you can imagine?

Opportunity – What has to happen for you to achieve this best version?

Action – What consistent incremental steps must you take to achieve this breakthrough?

Leadership – How can you inspire yourself to follow the path to find this best you?

Success – What do you define success as? Is it the arrival or a continuous journey of growth?

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